Date Topic PDF-File
06/02/2018 The notification of maternal deaths on is gradually rising. This clearly demonstrates acceptance of the web application. noqa-news - death notifcations rising.pdf
09/02/2018 RFPD is a Resource for Rotary’s Area of Focus Maternal & Child Health. visit for more information. RFPD.pdf
20/02/2018 Training of CHEWS in Enugu training.pdf
26/02/2018 Training in FCT Abuja Abuja MPDSR TRAINING FOR ROTARY INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTED STATES FCT Agenda- FCT_Rotary Corrected.pdf
09/06/2018 FCT Abuja stands out with best data quality for monthly maternity statistics. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement! Well done!! data quality.pdf
18/06/2018 Visit of Prof. Shittu to Germany to discuss MPDSR and Family Planing